Mon. Nov 30th, 2020

One anticipated capability enabled by the integration is the auto-population of relationship data between users and prospects. A widget embedded directly into a Dynamics 365 contact profile allows users to see mutual commonalities from LinkedIn, including shared network contacts, similar interests, group membership, other contacts with similar occupations, etc. This feature enables further rapport and relationship building between Dynamics users and prospects. This and other features of the AssureSign, Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 CRM integration are achieved through data syncing between the three solutions.

Data syncing also enables the three-way CRM integration to host other features, including: (1) widgets in Dynamics and Navigator that auto-populate data input from one to the other, (2) launching of Navigator operations from Dynamics and vice versa, (3) amplified search options through criteria filters, and (4) content engagement that allows for personalized recipient and prospect communication. In addition to functions specific to the integration, users will also enjoy features native to AssureSign’s electronic signature platform.

One popular feature among AssureSign’s business customers is the custom branding, signing and email standards that allow organizations to retain their marketing schemes when sending documents from the AssureSign platform. Bulk sending to multiple signers; the industry’s only SMS/text message signing function; template creation for quick, reoccurring document sending; and versatile end-user signing options are other heavily utilized features among AssureSign customers.

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Article Credit: PR Newswire

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