Artificial intelligence, as the name suggests is the tech behind artificially recreating human intelligence, by making a software that understands repetitive human habits.

While numerous industries in the world that have embraced artificial intelligence (AI), e-commerce deserves a special applause for using AI to help companies get closer to their customers and rolling down the red carpet for a much brighter future. So, what is unique about e-commerce in the context of AI?

Unlocking AI for better purchase decisions

E-commerce itself is a striking revolution of sorts, where the natural human behaviour of walking up to a store — big or small — touching, feeling a product, making a well-informed purchase decision, and procuring a product was turned on its head! Overnight, we were expected to look at a screen (either on a smartphone or a larger computing device) and make purchase decisions based on image and descriptions. But the sheer convenience of getting stuff home delivered and on time made e-commerce a superhit industry. But, that wasn’t all. Today, e-commerce is redefining business by unlocking AI and testing AI to unimaginable proportions. Let’s understand this with a few examples.

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