Intelligence, connectivity, sensing, expression, energy and safety – that’s Internet of Things (IoT’s) collective vision for the future.  This article explores how IoT will enable and deliver extraordinary benefits to normal life. By 2018, IoT will look completely different from what it looks in the present day, becoming a common parlance in the face of this ever-evolving world.

Image: Shutterstock
Image: Shutterstock

Work will be simplified and you will probably have what you need even before you think of it! Then, looking back at the years that were, many variations and innovations can be traced that will have radically changed the way of living for us. The amount of transformation that the world will go through with the aid of IoT will be absolutely wondrous. There are now billions of data-spouting devices connected to the Internet that will change how we live and work. Let’s look at five main areas that will look completely different from how it is today – smart healthcare, home automation, smart governance, smart commuting, and smart commerce.

Scenario 1: Smart healthcare

With the aid of IoT-enabled equipment and devices, healthcare professionals will be able to monitor patients more effectually by tracking patient heart rate, temperature and fitness habits. Patients will be able to receive extensive care post-op from home. It will no longer be a necessity for patients to stay at the hospital as they can opt to get treated at home itself. The prospects of ‘insertables’ or ‘wearables’ that will be introduced and implemented into the health care system will make healthcare more suitable from home. Health services will be delivered to remote areas through a nexus that supports voice and video. Intelligent medical devices will enable actionable monitoring of patient vitals in various settings such as hospitals, dementia centres, old-age homes and provide expert consultations to hospitals and health centres that lack local medical talent.

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