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APPLY looks to future with IFS, but will others?

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APPLY IFS-IFS has announced that APPLY, a Norwegian multidiscipline engineering company will upgrade its current IFS solution to IFS Applications 10. Headquartered in Stavanger, Norway APPLY has offices in Bergen, Hammerfest, a subsidiary in Krakow, Poland as well as staff located across Oil and Gas facilities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).

Founded in 1979 it first installed IFS in 2009 with IFS Applications 8. Unlike some customers, it has upgraded with every major release. It moved to IFS Applicatons 9 in 2014. APPLY has now decided to reinvest in the Swedish ERP solution five years later. It uses most of the core modules from the ERP solution including project management, supply chain management, equipment rental, finance and HR. It applies them across its operations including project management, engineering and HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, & Quality). The company has seen several benefits from deploying IFS already.

Bjarte Haugland, Area Head of IM&IT at Apply commented: “We needed a strategic solution to increase our productivity and revenue. In our industry, we are used to things recurring in cycles and the last rises showed us the importance of staying focused on the way we work and the systems we use. We saw that with one central enterprise solution, it became easier to standardize our work processes since data could flow between different business areas seamlessly. This meant ensuring data is entered only once and shared by all who need it.”

Going cloud?

There are several benefits that APPLY could gain from moving to IFS Applications 10. Though it does not appear as though it will use a cloud hosted solution. The company currently uses a client for IFS and Citrix to run many of its IT applications. It will however benefit from the new look and feel of Aurena that has a smaller footprint, especially for remote workers. The intent also appears to gain more efficiencies with the integrations that IFS Applications 10 provides with other systems. Though these were not specifically called out.

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Article Credit: Enterprise Times

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