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Apple Self-Driving Technology: More Details Revealed

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We all know that the tech giant Apple is keen on developing a self-driving technology. But until now, a very little was known about the mysterious project.

Not anymore, because the scientists working on the project have revealed a vital piece of information regarding the Apple self-driving technology.

A paper submitted by Apple scientists reveal that the self-driving technology can detect cyclists and pedestrians using laser sensors through a new software called as VoxelNet. The new software developed by scientists help the computers to detect 3D objects.

Typically, a self-driving car relies on a combination of normal two-dimensional cameras and depth-sensing LiDAR to detect the obstacles around the vehicle. But the relayed information is of low-resolution which makes it difficult to spot small and far away objects.

To detect small and far away objects, the LiDAR system should be connected to a normal camera in real time. But it will further complicate the car with excessive wiring and cameras all around the car.

But with the new VoxelNet technology, Apple researchers said that they were able to get highly encouraging results in detecting pedestrians and cyclists as compared to the LiDAR technology. The new software was also able to beat other approaches for identifying 3D objects.

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Article Credit: Drive Spark

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