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Apple now selling the space gray accessories that were previously exclusive to the iMac Pro

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It took a few months after the launch of its very expensive, professional all-in-one iMac Pro, but Apple is now individually selling the space gray Magic KeyboardMagic Trackpad, and Magic Mouse that debuted alongside it. The accessories quietly popped up after today’s event, as Federico Viticci helpfully pointed out. Previously, they could only be had with Apple’s top-of-the-line Mac.

The added charge for the darker color of each device is $20, putting both the Magic Keyboard and Trackpad at $149 compared to their usual $129 price. The Magic Mouse is $99 (regularly $79 in white). All of the space gray products are shipping this week and will likely arrive in your local Apple store in standalone form very soon, as well.

So if you’re looking to color match your accessories with your space gray MacBook, now you can do so without turning to eBay and resellers.

Still no sign of that black Lightning cable being sold separately, though.

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Article Credit: The Verge

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