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Apple iOS: The next enterprise platform?

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Let’s not kid ourselves: Today’s enterprise is still largely a Windows world.

And with the new improved Windows 10, Microsoft will surely rule the roost for some time. Will it do so ten years from now? Perhaps not.

Writing earlier this week for Tech.Pinions, Tim Bajarin has an interesting take on the next wave of enterprise workers who won’t want to live in that world of Windows.

“This younger generation does use PCs. However, they actually spend the most time on their iPhones and iPads and Macs are mostly relegated to serious productivity projects. More importantly, they know iOS inside and out as they spend much more of their day in this operating system then they do on any computer they have. I believe Apple understands this better than anyone and their most recent iPad Pro is a nod to this trend. More importantly, I see Apple using this to drive millennials towards making iOS their OS of choice as they move into their careers and new jobs. In fact, within 5-7 years, I suspect Windows will not even be of interest to this younger set, as iOS will be the device operating system that dominates their work and personal lifestyles.”

I think Bajarin is more right than wrong here.

Indeed, that’s why earlier this month, I said I may go “all in” on iOS with an iPad Pro and ditch my laptops.

No, I don’t work in an enterprise these days. I did spend 15 years in corporate I.T., however, and have a grasp of the way enterprises work. That’s why I’d never suggest the entire corporate world make the switch: There are still plenty of good reasons to run an enterprise on Microsoft products, both on the front and back ends.

I’d argue that we’re in a slow, methodical transition however. One that could result in less reliance on Windows and more on a slimmer, lighter environment that still lets you get work done.

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