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‘App Gap’ Crisis? Big Data Visionary Urges Test Automation Rethink In IoT Age

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Crisis? What crisis? No, I’m not talking about the 1975 Supertramp album, but research from a global leader in the test automation space demonstrating the “acute pressure” facing businesses to deliver apps in the Internet of Things (IoT) and digital era. It reveals that half of companies in the US and the UK admit to releasing apps before completing “quality testing.”

And, enterprises are being urged by the British CEO spearheading the test automation firm’s endeavours to rethink test automation to avoid the “app scrapheap.” But are matters getting to a crisis in the apps space?

In the survey commissioned by Testplant, a UK headquartered firm with a R&D presence in Boulder, Colorado, which provides what is touted as user-centric, digital automation intelligence solutions to enhance the quality and performance of the digital experience, canvassed 750 development team leaders in Britain and the United States to derive its findings.

The sample of canvassed ranged from telecoms companies, financial services groups, retailers and manufacturing firms – from listed to reasonably large companies – as well as government organizations. And the rationale for conducting the exercise was to validate what Testplant felt was the reality on ground and current thinking by companies.

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