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How Analytics can be used to Drive More Effective Business Decisions around Additive Manufacturing

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The digitalization journey continues. From our foundation presentation “How Digitalization is transforming the Electronics Industry”, we continue along the connected journey to adopting a digitalization strategy. Manufacturers are increasingly looking to disruptive technologies like Additive Manufacturing to enable on demand production, produce components never before possible and reduce order to cash cycle time. Even though 3D Printers are more accessible than ever, moving from prototyping to meaningful volume production still requires a significant investment in capital, process change and retooling of personnel. Going beyond the basic technology of 3D printing, this session draws from recent collaboration between leading manufactures who are seeking to fully understand the “why” to additive manufacturing and how data analytics can be used to drive more effective business decisions.

In this presentation we’ll uncover details and best practices that can shed light on how to best take advantage of additive manufacturing and provide insight on the direction your business needs to go, not just to survive but to thrive in today’s world:

  • If 3D Printing can solve a problem, is it the most profitable solution?
  • How to uncover essential attributes and rules for cost, quantity, materials, size, assemblies etc…details that lack meaningful value unless they can be evaluated together to drive effective decisions
  • Uncovering and collecting the details that are typically hidden in a mess   disparate and out-of-context IT systems, information that can fundamentally alter your decision making with regard to additive manufacturing
  • Understanding and interpreting this information and decision points, and using it to determine if a part can or should be printed

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