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Amazon’s $18 billion cloud business continues to crush Microsoft and Google – here’s the latest scorecard for the cloud war

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When Amazon, Microsoft, and Google all released their quarterly earnings on Thursday, they did more than giving onlookers an update on their particular businesses.

As the three major players in the cloud computing market, the companies provided a glimpse of the state of affairs in that ongoing battle. The reports make clear that Amazon Web Services, which is on track to post $18 billion in revenue this year, continues to have the upper hand.

But its rivals are anything but broken. Microsoft’s commercial cloud business, which includes Azure, its direct competitor to AWS, is gaining momentum. It’s now on a $20 billion annualized run rate, reaching that milestone sooner than expected.

While Google Cloud is still battling for scraps behind those two, the search giant is investing heavily in improving its position.

The primary battleground in the cloud war is the cloud computing market, which was all but invented by AWS. Such services offer developers basically unlimited supercomputing power on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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