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Amazon founder’s ex-wife may become the richest woman post-divorce

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Jeff Bezos divorce

Jeff Bezos divorce

Jeff Bezos divorce- Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie’s divorce shook the world of technology when it was announced last week.

It was quickly speculated how the shares and profits of Amazon would be divided between the two, said Karin Lundell, a partner at a law firm Rower LLC.

Bezos had taken to Twitter to announce an end to the 25-year long relationship which saw many ups and downs and “trial separation”.

According to Bloomberg, Mackenzie could very easily become the richest woman in the world after the division of assets. With $137.2 billion, Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest person and due to her former husband’s assets, Mackenzie would have a net worth of $69 billion.

Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index ranks the world’s 500 richest people who have inherited wealth with the passing of their husband or parents.

As of now, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, the granddaughter of Loreal’s founder is the richest woman in the world with a net worth of $45.6 billion. Walmart founder daughter Alice Walton follows close with a net worth $43.6 billion. Mars founder granddaughter Jacqueline Badger Mars comes third on the index with a net worth of $33.3 billion. Apple’s Steve Jobs wife is also on the index with a net worth of $18 billion. again became Wall Street’s most valuable company last week, surpassing Microsoft. Bezos’ fortune has soared to more than $160 billion, thanks to his stake in Amazon.

Even if the author, Mackenzie receives 1 per cent of the fortune that Jeff Bezos has a claim to, she will be able to join the three-comma club.

Some users on Twitter poked fun at the couple’s end with some Amazon and Alexa related jokes.

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