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This AI lets you carry a DSLR in your pocket

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Smartphone cameras are pretty incredible things to have in your pocket, and the Pixel 2 does a very good job of making every image look fantastic. But you can’t do better than a big, full-frame DSLR – the trouble is, they’re not very pocket-friendly. So, if you’re fed up of your phone taking washed out, shallow photos, this AI is designed to take your old smartphone pictures and give them DSLR-like quality – even if your smartphone isn’t all that snazzy.

Known as WESPE (Weakly Supervised Photo Enhancer), the team of data scientists behind the project aim to bring DSLR-like qualities to smartphone cameras. The idea is that, by training a deep learning system using photos of the same scene taken with a phone camera and on a DSLR, it’ll learn the difference and automatically make those adjustments on images it’s never seen before.

Basically, it learns what the differences are in terms of image quality and automatically makes those improvements. You can think of it as an incredibly smart version of Photoshop’s automatic calibration tools. You can even give it a go yourself via an online tool.

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Article Credit: Alphr

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