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AI is Accelerating the Growth of FinTech Companies

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FinTechs are capable of offering quality services to their customers at a comparatively lesser cost because AI enables them to control costs at each stage
AI FinTech

AI FinTech

AI FinTech-A customer-centric approach, real-time data integration, cost optimization, and advanced security are those topmost needs of the present times financial sector which is emulating the business dynamics of FinTech companies. The word ‘FinTech’ is synonymous with innovations, convenience, and high accessibility in the world of finance. Equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI), the principal purpose of the majority FinTechs is financial inclusion – enabling the masses to get benefits from the mainstream financial system.

With the advent of AI in the financial sector, hindrances and complexities that people used to experience in availing the financial services of banks and NBFCs do not exist today. Thanks to the new breed of tech-oriented financial institutions and AI technology that have empowered the masses with easy and cost-effective financial solutions. Now, whether the need for a customer is borrowing loans or investing money in lucrative options, FinTech companies have solutions to all of their needs. One thing should be remembered here that no business can offer cost-effective solutions in the market unless it has an advantage of curtailing operation costs. FinTechs are capable of offering quality services to their customers at a comparatively lesser cost because AI enables them to control costs at each stage. Besides, greater man-machine compatibility also allows them to deliver quality solutions using a lean workforce.

Banking Sector

The use of modern technologies in banks and NBFCs is enabling them to develop products which offer more to customers at a lesser price. Earlier, limited product options and that too under strict policies were leaving the customer disturbed and unsatisfied in the banking system. Now, financial institutions better understand customers and recommend or offer an option as per their actual needs and demands.

AI has simplified banking and finance with multiple algorithms. These assessment algorithms help FinTechs to know the complete details of every. On the other hand, reverse predictive analysis throws light on every option and guides the customer in choosing the right product or service. Moreover, all these details can be availed online on websites and mobile apps of FinTech companies.

FinTech and AI

The benefits of using AI in financial services and operations by FinTech companies are extensive and recurring. From the marketing of their products and services to handling customer queries, AI along with Big Data and Predictive Analysis is quite instrumental in increasing the reach and scope of financial institutions across the world. Now, the entire loan process takes only a few hours, and if one is applying for a loan in the morning, the disbursal of loan money is taking place on the same date. Both speed and accuracy in the financial sector have increased manifold after the arrival of AI.

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