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​Here come all the AI deployments; Now how do we manage AI?

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AI deployments

AI deployments

How will enterprises manage artificial intelligence deployments when most managers and executives don’t understand the underlying models, data science or technology?

That question is almost haunting. Artificial intelligence, AI for short, is lumped together with big data, machine learning and neural networks to create what equates to a technology buzzword orgy. And if you want another theme toss in cloud computing, which is the enabler for AI.

Sure, we know AI is a bit hyped. And yes, we may not quite know the underlying details of AI and what it means for our businesses. But damn we just can’t resist the dream of black box thinking and something that can take our data lakes and give us insight. The appeal of AI to the enterprise is akin to the average bear who wants a pill to replicate exercise (without the work of course) and keep us young forever.

But we all know the punch line: There are no magic pills. And AI is going to change a lot, but rest assured the technology won’t deliver magic.

Here’s the AI continuum via Constellation Research and it’s pretty obvious we’d all like to go from zero to predicting the future as soon as possible.

Simply put, we’re AI happy. We’ve already previewed the AI washing, but all the surveys in the last month point to CXOs that are gaga for artificial intelligence. Consider:

  • Accenture timed its AI survey for the Davos powwow last week. The upshot: 72 percent of the 1,200 senior executives surveyed by Accenture said intelligent technology will be critical to their organization’s market differentiation.
  • Sixty-one percent of respondents to that Accenture survey said that the share of roles requiring AI will rise in the next three years.
  • Infosys research, based on a survey of more than 1,000 business and IT leaders, found that AI is moving past experimentations to deployment. Infosys found that 73 percent of respondents agreed that their AI deployments have already transformed the way they do business.

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Article Credit: ZDNet

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