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Agribusiness best placed to capitalise on IoT

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The New Zealand Internet of Things (IoT) Alliance has identified agri-business as one of the best placed to capitalise on IoT technology to boost productivity.

The independent member-base organisation commissioned the research study, ‘The Internet of Things – towards a connected New Zealand’. which found that as New Zealand’s agriculture sector already contributes a lot to the New Zealand economy it is in a great position to use IoT for economic advantage.

Chair of the New Zealand IoT Alliance and CEO of NZTech, Graeme Muller, said that adopting IoT technology would be necessary for the industry to lift productivity. While agriculture accounts for 40 per cent of New Zealand merchandise exports, and the country’s agricultural productivity growth is ahead of the world average, there is room for improvement.

“Given the scale of the estimated productivity gains across the agri-sector through better use of IoT, farmers, farm suppliers, the tech industry and government should resolve to accelerate its uptake,” Muller said. “While farmers are starting to use technology, including IoT, to increase productivity and reduce costs in the face of increased competition and compliance requirements, the uptake of IoT in agriculture is relatively low across the sector as a whole.

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