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Agencies Find Balance with Hybrid Cloud Architecture

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Many Federal agencies still struggle with overcoming security concerns when transitioning to the cloud, according to a MeriTalk report, “To Cloud or Not to Cloud? That Isn’t the Question.”

Thirty-five percent of Federal IT leaders said that the security of their existing private cloud environments is excellent, compared to 21 percent for public cloud security.

“The silver lining–pun intended–is that select cybersecurity vendor, Fortinet being one, offer the ability to greatly increase visibility of assets, regardless of location, and actually increase control by pushing out, from a single pane of glass, security policy that allows uniform enforcement of segmentation and access, regardless of where they are on the cloud migration continuum,” said Phil Quade, chief information security officer at Fortinet.

Agencies can ensure that their data are secure by asking questions such as what are the large data sets that cannot be compromised, what services need to be available with high confidence even in stressed conditions, and what co-dependencies exist that cannot be broken, according to Quade.

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Article Credit: MeriTalk

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