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How advantageous is Microsoft’s ERP-CRM integration within the market?

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With the ERP-CRM integration, Microsoft may have a leg up in the Salesforce arena, where Salesforce has dominated in CRM but hasn’t grabbed a foothold in the ERP space.

With the ERP-CRM integration, Microsoft is beginning to lay the foundation to fill its CRM needs. It still lacks…

in more complex functionality in the marketing space. Microsoft wouldn’t be able to fill the needs of a marketing-driven company with a need for heavy marketing customization aimed at marketing automation or deeper customer journey mapping the way Salesforce can. Microsoft will need to find something to fill marketing automation needs and utilize marketing clouds the way other companies do. While what Microsoft is doing with Dynamics 365 isn’t an answer yet, it is a start. It is beginning to fill CRM needs from field service, allowing the use of Power BI for analysis, and creating more productivity through integration with Office 365.

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