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Why Adobe’s Advertising Cloud is (mostly) a private cloud

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Adobe likes to talk about its public cloud partnerships with Microsoft and others, but it doesn’t often talk about its private cloud strategy. It’s no secret that there are plenty of good reasons for using a private data centre and Adobe manages a few of these around the globe. For most businesses, opting for a private cloud comes down to cost, but for Adobe’s Advertising Cloud, which previously flirted with the likes of AWS, moving back to a private cloud mostly came down to performance.

The Adobe Advertising Cloud as a brand is a relatively new concept for the company, though the actual product has been around for quite a long time. It’s the company’s service for helping brands manage and optimize advertising spend across channels. The service manages over $3.5 billion in annual ad spend from the likes of Allstate, Ford, MGM and Southwest Airlines, but to get those ads in front of the right eyeballs, it has to make billions of real-time pricing decisions per day to ensure that its users in the right advertising bids.

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Article Credit: TechCrunch

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