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Adobe announces Experience Manager Mobile at MWC 2016

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Adobe unveiled Monday at Mobile World Congress its Experience Manager Mobile platform that is designed to help developers create enterprise applications that are as easy to use and attractive as consumer apps.

Adobe’s Experience Manager Mobile enables mobile app developers to extend the functionality of these apps by connecting them to critical business data and systems like customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning.

Essentially, Adobe wants Experience Manager Mobile to be a one-stop shop for developers. Instead of using several solutions to build and maintain enterprise apps – for things like UI/UX design, coding, content management and marketing – enterprises can use this one solution and enjoy a faster time to market, according to a blog post by Nick Bogaty, head of mobile apps at Adobe and senior director of Experience Manager Mobile.

There are four main components to this solution:

  • The ability to take any form of existing content – from content management systems, enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management data – and translate that to a mobile app for a consistent user experience.
  • Developers can create native apps for iOS, Android and Windows rapidly and will soon be able to employ Adobe’s Apache Cordova framework to “extend native apps with real-world functionality,” wrote Bogaty.
  • A single dashboard so IT pros can manage all mobile apps in one place.
  • Ability to track app performance without using several different services.

Customers for Experience Manager Mobile include Under Armour, Hartford Funds, Black Diamond and DuPont USA, according to the press release.

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