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Adobe Analytics Challenge brings out best data miners

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Data is the new gold mine in business operations and interactions, but the technology is so new there are not enough data miners to fill the industry’s need.

Adobe’s annual Analytics Challenge is in its 12th year, and organizers behind the event hope to create more data analysts through their efforts. Adobe’s analytics initiative works with universities to cultivate data science talent among college students.

“The market is short on data talent, and that is felt particularly in Utah,” said Kevin Fu, Adobe public relations manager. “Companies are starting to see more of these jobs but not enough people to fill them.”

A data analyst wades through raw data captured through digital devices. Fu explained that most tasks we do on our phones, tablets and computers create data for various companies. A data team can sit down together and find the actionable points within that data for companies in all sectors.

“Pretty much any company now with a digital presence needs this,” Fu said.

Nate Smith, the senior product marketing manager for Adobe, oversees the Analytics Challenge.

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Article Credit: Daily Herald

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