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Adaptive Insights Integrates Business Planning Cloud with NetSuite ERP

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Adaptive Insights recently announced the integration of its Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud with NetSuite ERP. The combination of data from NetSuite ERP and Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud gives customers the requisite insights for making better and faster decisions.

The Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud’s integration with NetSuite ERP uses open APIs and is built, owned, supported, and maintained by Adaptive Insights. The integration enables customers to utilize all their data in NetSuite ERP to effortlessly develop plans as well as reports with Adaptive Insights. Furthermore, the Business Planning Cloud facilitates importing an expanded set NetSuite standard and custom dimensions, thus giving customers access to a wider group of operational and financial data to enable users across the entire organization. This, in turn, facilitates deeper analyses, reports, and richer plans that driver more informed decision-making.

Tom Bogan, CEO, Adaptive Insights, said, “Planning is where strategy and execution meet; in developing a plan, you figure out how to execute your business strategy. A smooth and efficient planning process, informed by data about current business performance, is key to being able to make timely decisions. That’s why companies that want business agility are moving to companywide business planning, and why they’re integrating functional planning into our Business Planning Cloud. We pioneered cloud planning for finance and NetSuite pioneered cloud ERP. Together these purpose-built cloud platforms offer companies an integrated platform that enables far more business users to plan, analyze performance, and speed their decision making—and that’s a true competitive advantage today.”

Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud Makes Its Way to France

Besides that, the company recently also announced the introduction of Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud in France. Adaptive Insights noted that France constitutes one of its core markets and that it will continue to invest in support, services, and sales resources to meet growing demand in the region.

Adaptive Insights has established a team in-country, which includes a new channels director to oversee its French partner sales operations. The French channel network currently includes partners such as Censio, Alsight, Iena, Generation Conseil, ViaReport, and Kelerian Group.

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