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Acknowledging the specialized needs of Pharmaceutical manufacturers with Sage X3

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ePedigree-Track-and-TraceThose in the pharmaceutical industry are well aware of the various governing bodies whose rules and regulations they must adhere to. This is even more of a pressing issue to those who manufacture pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

In an increasingly competitive and diverse marketplace, maintaining a competitive edge while complying with regulations from government agencies such as; The FDA and ABPI (to name a few) can be an arduous task.

That’s why Sage X3 can be a breath of fresh air to those with specific industry requirements and who are faced with constantly evolving product lines and regulations around those products.  With Sage X3’s blend of advanced manufacturing, warehousing support and deeply integrated CRM you can address some of the issues created by the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Key areas of functionality where Sage X3 can benefit process manufacturers include;

  • Weight calculation
  • Traceability and full lot control
  • Quality controls
  • Pricing and contract management
  • Formula management
  • Sub-contracted operations and supply chain control
  • Inventory allocation and order fulfilment


To conclude, Sage X3 is an advanced business management solution designed to tackle the aches and pains that come with the territory of large scale process manufacturing allowing you to maintain a competitive edge, achieve operation excellence and comply with government and industry regulations.

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