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Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction

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Not many people understand who Abraham Hicks, how the name became synonymous with the law of attraction or revered as a spiritual guide.  For starters, Abraham Hicks is not a person, but rather, it is a program based on Infinite Intelligence.

Abraham is an energy source channeled through Esther Hicks (where it gets the second name) and promotes the idea that our feelings thoughts and desires create our reality. Many people can swear by the power of the Abraham Hicks program. A wealth of information can be obtained here on

·         Who or What is Abraham?

Abraham is not a single person, entity, or idea. According to Esther Hicks, Abraham is the chosen name for a group of non-physical, spiritual beings who channel through her. They seek to provide askers with advice about the law of attraction and the inter-workings of the universe. The Hicks refer to Abraham simply as infinite knowledge or expression of unconditional love.

·         How Did It All Come About?

Esther Hicks and her late husband, Jerry, embarked on a journey to seek infinite intelligence over twenty years ago. It turned out to be an enlightening quest as Jerry was a great asker of questions, and Esther a perfect channel of information owing to her neutrality.

Esther is a naturally open-minded person, and not being so firmly decided on many topics in life made her a perfect candidate for receiving.  She began to meditate intensely daily and soon, due to her receptivity and ability to reach an abnormally high level of vibration, Abraham approached her.

Esther is now able to call upon Abraham at any time by vibrating at this level. Abraham speaks and moves through Esther’s body to teach those that seek this wisdom and listen objectively to their insight.

Every person channels, and while it may seem strange at first, it is a relatively natural phenomenon. We channel in all sorts of ways every single day; when we pray or meditate, or when engaged in artistic or intense physical activity.

·         Does it work?

The law of attraction by all accounts and definition brings us situations that are synonymous with those we put out into the universe by way of thought. Most of us attest to the fact that whenever we complain or have negative feelings for extended periods, our moods darken and bad things happen.

Similarly, when we think happy thoughts and focus more on positivity, great things happen. Everything from our thoughts, moods, and even actual happenings in our day to day lives become brighter and better. A great metaphor Abraham uses is that of a fast-flowing river representing our universe.

As this great river flows downstream, a vast majority of people are always fighting the current as they try to swim upstream. We, as human beings, are predisposed to wanting to change all situations we deem as not desirable in our lives; fighting the current.

The problem with going against the current is that it is at the heart of every negative emotion you feel. Relief comes by allowing ourselves to go with the natural flow of the river’s current (or universe) and Abraham teaches us to do precisely that.

Anytime you allow negative thoughts to occupy your consciousness or focus and speak of situations in your life; you are attempting to go upstream by fighting the current.  Negativity, in all its forms, stifles your ability to float down-river towards the manifestation of your desires.

Final Thoughts

Abraham Hicks teaches that negativity is our biggest enemy,  and that we become what we think

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