Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

About Us

Information and content overload is increasingly becoming a challenge for professionals, who are already very short of time.

To sift through umpteen number of sources and separate out the relevant information which can make their lives easier and equip them with information to better their current assignments and keep an eye on the future of an industry, can be very time-consuming and often not very efficient.

This is where ERP In News (EIN) come in. Having faced this problem ourselves, EIN is a group of senior ERP professionals who have decided to tackle this problem head-on, by providing a hand curated set of ERP related information to keep the relevant professionals and decision makers updated.

We expect that along with helping you keep your hands on the pulse of the industry, our efforts will help you at an individual level as well, to grow and excel.

We would welcome you feedback or improvement suggestions to einlistens@erpinnews.com