Youth Suicides
Youth Suicides
Youth Suicides

Youth Suicides- The Amazon Echo and other smart speakers are changing the way consumers digest media and ask Google questions.

Primedia Broadcasting places significant emphasis on growing digital capabilities and continues looking at the future of how radio will be consumed.

It is with this in mind that the media company has invested research and digital design time to develop appropriate tech (Alexa Skills) so that South African’s (and interested international users) using Amazon Echo speakers can now sample podcasts and live audio from the radio in real time.

Lasers have been used to send targeted, quiet messages to someone from several meters away, in a way that no one nearby would be able to hear.

To send the messages, researchers from MIT relied upon the photoacoustic effect, in which water vapor in the air absorbs light and forms sound waves.

The researchers used a laser beam to transmit a sound at 60 decibels (roughly the volume of background music or conversation in a restaurant) to a target person who was standing 2.5 meters away.

The team used it to beam music, recorded speech, and various tones, all at conversational volume.

A city in Japan plans to use artificial intelligence to predict the potential consequences of suspected cases of bullying at schools, in what would be the first such analysis by a municipality in the country.

AI will be used to analyse 9,000 suspected bullying cases reported by elementary and junior high schools in the city over the six years through fiscal 2018.

It will examine the school grade and gender of the suspected victims and perpetrators as well as when and where the incidents occurred.

Statistical analysis of the data is expected to help local authorities and teachers identify forms of bullying that tend to escalate in seriousness and which therefore require extra attention, the Otsu board of education said.

The AI analysis will also look at other factors, such as school absenteeism and academic achievement, and the findings will be compiled into a report for use by teachers and in training seminars.

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