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Start with your ERP and take the shortcut to e-commerce

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Many companies are still struggling with the process of taking their businesses online. For some, the fast growth of the online department is confusing. For example, we’ve heard from companies who compared their company to a ‘hatchery’ when they made the transition to e-commerce, explaining that “suddenly, all kinds of new vacancies kept popping up” in order to maintain the new online environment.

 However, we think that for B2B companies, the decision should focus on the customer. E-commerce is an investment that fits customers’ wants and needs, whilst also improving company efficiency. And the transition does not have to be complicated. The easiest way is to start with your ERP, and implement a web store that fully integrates with it. Because your employees already know how to manage the ERP system, it will not be hard to get them to work with the new web store.

 Find out more about ERP-integrated e-commerce from this free e-book.

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