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9 Shared-Mobility Startups Eager To Disrupt Transportation

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Mobility Startups

Mobility Startups

Mobility Startups-Nine upstarts pitched ideas to advance the booming shared-mobility industry Thursday in Chicago. Some tackled the young industry’s most dogged problems.

Executives from nine fledgling companies faced three judges and 120 conventioneers on the opening afternoon of the Shared Use Mobility Summit. Read to the end to discover which three were selected as semifinalists to compete for votes over the next two days.

The nine were:


CLEVR is offering a three-wheeled scooter that can be fitted with a seat to make it viable for disabled persons. But the company’s real secret weapon is a super-precise GPS tracking module that’s accurate to within three feet. So CLEVR can tell where the scooter is being ridden and it can modify the scooter’s top speed.

“Rather than try to control user behavior management, we can try to control the vehicles deployed through intelligence,” said CEO Alex Nesic. “Sidewalk driving can now be geofenced and controlled at a reasonable speed.”

And data showing where users prefer the sidewalk can tip city officials off to streets that feel unsafe.


Koloni began as a bike sharing operation in Pocahontas, Iowa, when its founders thought, Why not use the same platform to share other things too? Users with the app can not only unlock bicycles and scooters, but also unlocks Koloni’s storage lockers to borrow basketballs, tennis rackets, or whatever objects a city, university or property owner wants to lend.

“They can download the app and they essentially have a key to the city,” said co-founder and CEO Brian Downey.


There are now a billion people worldwide using thousands of different apps to access rideshareing services, according to Bellhop CEO Payam Safa, often with each app tied to a single platform or company. This makes it difficult for potential users to know which company offers the best rates or evn which mobility options might be best.

“The solution is pretty straight forward,” Safa said, “We combine all of these into one app.”

Bellhop wants to build a mega-app that integrates rideshare, bikeshare and public transit.

Mobility 4 All

Mobility 4 All seeks to provide a trusted source of mobility for seniors and people with disabilities who are unable to drive.

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Article Credit: Forbes

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