The Small Business Association recommends spending 7-8% of your revenue on marketing. Many small to medium size businesses are spending much more than this on their marketing.

If you’re one of the businesses that are spending more money than you’d like to spend on marketing, there are things you can do to get more bang for your buck. When you implement account based marketing tactics, you can get better results with the same budget.

Account based marketing allows you to market smarter instead of working harder to make money with little results. Continue reading this article to learn marketing tactics that can take you to the next level.

Must-Use Account Based Marketing Tactics

Whether you’re doing account based marketing for yourself or using an abm company, this is one of the most effective means of marketing.

Account based marketing allows you to personalize your marketing efforts, so they speak to the paint point of your prospects. Use the following tips to create a successful campaign.

1. Craft Clearly Defined Goals

Without goals, your campaign will run wild. You won’t know which decisions are the best ones for your company. If you think that the number of leads you generate is enough of a goal – you’d be wrong.

The more you define goals before you start your project, the better everyone will perform. Think about things like conversion rate, customer satisfaction and other important metrics you can build goals around.

Another benefit to having clearly defined goals is that your team will perform better. When they know what targets they need to hit, they can aim, get closer to and sometimes surpass those goals.

2. Align Your Sales & Marketing Teams

Having your sales and marketing teams work separately isn’t going to give you as good of results as if they worked together. If the sales department doesn’t understand what marketing is doing, they won’t fully get the mindset of the customer.

If marketing doesn’t understand the sales process, they might misinform the lead. When both of these departments work together, it is a beautiful dance that will allow your company to come out with a new client in the end.

3. Choose Accounts to Target

You can’t market to everyone, so you need to figure out which accounts you want to target. There are many ways you can choose who to market to. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Dream company to land
  • Companies similar to your dream company to land
  • What opportunities are currently in your sales pipeline?
  • Who is visiting your website and looks like they’re close to the end of your sales cycle?

These are just a few ideas that should give you a good amount of accounts to work with. As you need more accounts to market to, you can get even more creative with choosing accounts you want to market to.

4. Create Your Ideal Client Persona

When you’re marketing to your target audience, if you talk to everyone – you’re resonating with no one. Since you want to communicate effectively with your leads, creating an ideal client persona will help you communicate like you’re speaking to a specific person.

You should get very specific with this persona. Go as deep as what hobbies they enjoy and what music is on their favorite playlist.

5. Search Out Specific People

If you know which companies you want to target, you can go even deeper to market to a decision maker at that company. Marketing this specifically ensures you’re getting your message to the right person in the company.

Before you start marketing to them, make sure they still hold that position.

6. Make Sure They’re Unable to Ignore Your Content

When you’re creating your content, make sure it is so good and so helpful that they can’t turn away. You want them to open it and be glad they took the time to see what was inside.

7. Determine Your Best Marketing Tactics

There are many ways you can market using account based marketing. You need to figure out which way is the best for your business and its target market.

While you might want inbound marketing to bring all of your leads into you, you may need to do some outbound marketing. Outbound marketing reaches those that may have a challenge but aren’t hurting enough to make a move.

If you do decide that you want to use outbound marketing to get in front of people, you should ensure it is all to named accounts. Named accounts will give you the best results for your marketing dollar.

8. Look At Data & Improve

When you’re doing account based marketing, you can’t just set it and forget it. To get the best return on your investment, you need to look at the data and improve from there.

For the first six months, you won’t be able to measure success with revenue. Account based marketing isn’t an instant result marketing strategy. You have to stick with it and be consistent to get the results that you want.

Instead of focusing on how much revenue you’re generating, you want to make sure your campaign is moving in the right direction. Are the accounts you’re marketing to your ideal persona? Are the people receiving your content showing interest in your content?

Asking questions like this will allow you to make sure you’re on the right path. You don’t want to keep doing something that isn’t working, but you also don’t want to stop marketing right before your leads start to move into the sales funnel.

Increase Your Digital Marketing Knowledge

Besides for account based marketing tactics, we know there are so many other ways to market. There are so many things you can think about when you want to make sales online.

Our site is here to help you learn all things tech, IT, AI and online marketing so you can keep increasing your knowledge. Read our article on analyzing big data today to continue your education.

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