Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

8 Advantages of Flat Pack Containers in Building Houses

Flat Pack Containers

Flat pack containers can only outlive for five years in the shipping industry and are abandoned at shipyards. But, today, contractors are reusing these containers as houses to promote sustainable living. Your home should not only offer a comfortable space, but it should also give a hint of your character and personality.

Contractors are taking innovation to a new type of housing. It gives the homeowners the leverage to enjoy an elegant yet affordable living space. Flat pack containers for houses is truly a head-turner. 

Purchasing a house from housing developments are expensive. Now, home containers have become a popular solution for those who want to have a tiny house. There are several advantages to flat pack containers built into homes. These may help you decide whether making a house with these containers is a favorable choice. 

1. Affordability

Flat pack containers are cheaper to use for a house foundation. It is a great relief for people who wants to have a charming house without costing much — this kind of housing costs 10 to 25 percent less. Designing a flat pack container to have a modern look is inexpensive. Thus, it is a massive deal for first-time homeowners.

Flat pack containers can cost up to $4,500. The size of your choice determines costs; 20-foot containers are cheaper. Moreover, some companies build container homes at an affordable price.

2. Flexibility

These container houses are easy to build. There is no limitation on the design and size of the houses. You only need to respect the timeframe of transforming the container into a beautiful home. Do not worry! The construction is only a matter of weeks.

3. Freedom

Aside from the financial freedom that it provides to the homeowners, you can freely move with your house. Flat pack containers are tiny and lightweight. You have the freedom to move around the country. 

4. Customization

When you talk about the interior and customization of container houses, there are endless possibilities. You can plan with expert designers to develop a blueprint that suits your personal needs. They can adjust to how you build your dream house. You have all the choices on how to layout the interior and exterior of the container.

5. Durability

The flat pack containers have an airtight system, which makes it properly insulated. With this feature, it provides a cozy and warm atmosphere for homes in the winter. Meanwhile, it gives breeze to the house during the summer. We all know that it is built to carry heavy weight loads, and it can withstand any environment.

However, there are instances when durability is decreased. It happens when glass doors and windows are placed, and some of the steel is removed. Thus, the house plan needs to have a secure position of the windows and doors to maintain the highest possible structure of the container.

It can withstand any harsh environment, even earthquakes or hurricanes. It can securely hold harsh winds that can take up 100 to 175 miles per hour. Moreover, it will not collapse when an earthquake hits it. Thus, the flat pack containers are the safest ones for any disaster. 

6. Pest-Proof

The containers are made from galvanized steels, and these steels are highly resistant to pests and bugs. The internal frame is steel, and termites cannot penetrate it. Termites may damage wooden structures, but the structural integrity is untouchable. 

7. Faster Build Time

Building homes from a flat pack container requires a faster timeframe. There is a vast difference in building a traditional house and container house. Shipping a container only takes not more than eight weeks. Meanwhile, creating a conventional home can take almost half a year.

Building a home with a container, you already have the exterior structure right away. The only thing you need to do is the interior finishes.

8. Environmental Friendly

Through the years, people are looking for ways that can reduce waste and recycle and reuse some of the items. Now, flat pack containers are an excellent choice to meet your housing goal. Moreover, it is a bridge for you to give back to the environment.

These flat pack containers are made from galvanized steels. They are purely recyclable, making them a solution to the rising trend of waste. The containers are lightweight and can easily be transported. Moreover, it helps the homeowners save more of their money as it only needs lesser maintenance. There are suppliers of these containers that offer a rust-free solution that can withstand harsh weather.


Houses that are made out of flat pack container has proven its worth. The implementation of flat pack containers for home designs gave an impulsive rush towards the market. It provides an aesthetic feeling and comfort to homeowners. But, aside from the style and affordability, it has a significant impact on the environment.


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