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7 Reasons why should always link Google adwords and analytics

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When setting up a new AdWords account or taking over an existing account we always insist that clients allow us to link the account (if it isn’t already) to the website’s Google Analytics profile and here are the very important reasons why:

All that great AdWords data is visible within Analytics

Once the two Google accounts are linked, as long as URLs have been manually tagged or auto-tagging is enabled, the AdWords data can be found within Analytics. This means that it is easy to see which campaigns and keywords are driving traffic and directly compare the quality of that traffic with other traffic sources.

All that great Analytics data is visible within AdWords

Advertisers may think that if they have conversion tracking set up, using AdWords conversion code, then they have visibility of what keywords and ads are working and which ones aren’t, but this doesn’t always show the entire picture. If Google AdWords and Analytics are linked then you can see data such as bounce rate and average time on site, so if ads are not converting you can dig a little deeper and see a bit more about what users are doing when they get to the site. Are they engaging with the site, even if they are not converting, or are they bouncing straight away? You’ll only know this if the two accounts are linked to one another.

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