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7 industries that will be radically changed by the IoT

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Whenever anyone talks about how the IoT is going to revolutionise the world, people often invoke a similar shortlist of applications: connected & autonomous cars, connected appliances, connected healthcare and so on. But the ramifications of the IoT go much further than this.

IoT is likely to penetrate into familiar industries in ways people have barely thought of, opening up a whole host of new opportunities and potential new threats. Some examples of what people may be about to see coming up sound fairly obvious while others almost sound like the realms of science fiction.

Beyond connected health and the connected home, it’s worth taking a brief look at some of the, perhaps unexpected, ways in which IoT could change various industries across the next few years.

1. Farming

Technological innovation in farming is nothing new, but farmers and agricultural organisations are now turning to the internet of things for greater production capabilities and meet the demands of the world’s ever growing population.

Smart agriculture is already taking off among farmers, with the desire to drive additional efficiencies increasingly making high tech farming the standard across the industry. This is facilitated through devices such as agricultural drones and sensors. The ability to monitor every animal and plant individually and assign each a personalized feeding and medical regime may soon become the norm.

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