Wed. Mar 17th, 2021
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Are you stuck on what to gift to your dear ones on their special way? Have all your ideas exhausted and you are done scrolling pages after pages on the web only in an attempt to find something unique? Well, you are not alone. Every once in a while, it is bound to happen and we dwell so much on finding THE BEST that we often lose our minds in the process.

However, this time around, make sure your decision is not only based on your special one’s liking and instead, go for something useful and good for them too. One  of such gifts that qualify all the criteria are plants. They are cute, healthy and liven up space they sit in. So, no matter what the occasion is, choose from 7 plants mentioned below that are perfect to be gifted. Take the guide:


  1. Air Plant

Air plants are perfect for adding greenery to the desk with minimal care. The exciting thing about the plant is that they don’t need soil to thrive. However, it needs plenty of air circulation. So, place it in a terrarium with openings.


  1. Baby Toes

One of the coolest and cutest plants, baby toes are succulents that survive in warm temperatures. The name is derived based on the height of the plant and is perfect green addition to your living space.


  1. Rubber Tree

Perfect for styling tiny spaces, rubber plants are one of the most natural air cleaners. With this gift, you are not only gifting your special ones some green but also health. It can be placed near the seating area for some fresh air.


  1. Lucky Bamboo

Known to invite health, fortune and abundance, lucky bamboo plant comes in one, two, three or more layers. It plays an essential role in feng shui and is believed to bring longevity, health, prosperity and happiness. It does not take much space and need a sparing amount of water.


  1. Peace Lily

It is a crowd-favourite indoor plant that is known for bringing good luck, health and prosperity. Considering it is one of the most well known indoor plants, you can easily buy flowering plant online in India through web portals for your dearest ones. This toxic gas neutralizer has majestic white blooms that will liven up your living space.

  1. Lithops

Also known as “Living Stones”, lithops resemble small pebbles and make a great attractive houseplant. It thrives in warm temperatures in ample to filtered sunlight. This easy-to-care plant will not only catch gazes but also make the house more aesthetic with its presence.

  1. Snake Plant

This simple to grow plant has a polished striped look. It is believed to kill air chemicals like xylene, formaldehyde, benzene as per NASA Clean Air study. Considering they are incredibly low maintenance, they are one of the best gift ideas for women too because it will fit just about in any setting.

With these easy to grow plants as gifts, you are not only gifting them cherishable tokens but also helping them add appeal to the interior. These plants are cute and help drive away toxic elements. So, gift one now!

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