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6 ways Microsoft wants to revolutionise the way we live that doesn’t include your PC

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When you hear ‘Microsoft’, most people think of their computer, but aside from everything Windows, the tech giant has its hands dipped in many projects for a long time.

At this year’s annual Future Decoded event held in London, it revealed some of the other exciting ways its helping people to adapt to change – or as Microsoft’s own head of devices Panos Panay puts it, “opening up the benefits of technology to more people”. So let’s take a look at some…

Counteracting Parkinson’s tremors

Sadly there’s no known cure for Parkinson’s but Microsoft researchers have been working on a project that could at least make sufferers’ lives a little easier.

Haiyan Zhang, innovation director at Microsoft Research Cambridge, developed a watch which counters the tremors sufferers experience which would usually make it impossible to write or draw.

The wearable – called Emma, after a 33-year-old with the neurological condition who first tested the device – reduces the tremors using vibrating motors to distract the brain from focusing on something else instead of controlling the patient’s limbs.

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