Wed. Oct 20th, 2021
Enterprise IoT

The enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses connected devices that help people get work done or improve current process flows. Here are six examples of how practical applications of enterprise IoT can lead to more efficient workplaces

Enterprise IoT
Enterprise IoT

Enterprise IoT-This list gives you compelling reasons to think about using enterprise IoT technologies in your workplace or at least learn more about the available options.

1. Save time by streamlining communications between retail workers

Working as a sales associate in retail can be tough. When customers see you, they expect you to have all the answers. Getting the information they need typically requires using tools like barcode scanners or radios that connect sales floor team members to stock room workers. However, a communications solution called Theatro seeks to change that.

It’s a wearable communication device that allows people to use voice-recognition technology to find out about stock levels, determine the location of certain team members or even have one-on-one communications with colleagues to ask them questions about products.

The voice-recognition aspect means users can get many pieces of information fed back into their earpieces without having to ask fellow workers. That feature cuts down on irrelevant store chatter. There’s a voice command for dealing with backups at checkout lines, too. There’s also a YouTube video that goes into more specific use cases.

2. Providing more visibility into a company’s vehicle fleet

If a substantial part of your company’s business involves deliveries, home visits for repairs or instances where your team members visit clients at their offices, you might have a fleet of company vehicles to use. The likelihood of that possibility goes up if there are substantial distances to travel, especially since people would want to avoid excess wear and tear on their cars.

IoT technology for enterprise allows businesses to track numerous things about their vehicles and how drivers use them. For example, they can see a person’s real-time location, which prevents a business representative from having to take the time to call someone who’s en route.

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