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6 Enterprise IoT Platforms To Consider For Your Digital Transformation Strategy

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Internet of Things plays a key role in enterprise digital transformation. With the right level of integration, IoT acts as a crucial bridge between the physical assets and the IT infrastructure. Enterprise IoT improves the efficiency of supply chain management and material resource planning. Through asset tracking, remote monitoring, and predictive maintenance, organizations will be able to realize a better return on investment.

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Enterprise IoT platforms must be integrated with existing ERP, MRP, and business intelligence systems to deliver the most useful insights to decision makers. Implementing an IoT strategy is no less complicated than rolling out a comprehensive enterprise application integration (EAI) project.

With enterprise IoT gaining the attention, platform vendors and telecom operators are investing heavily in end-to-end offerings. These platforms help organizations in connecting the devices, acquiring the data, analyzing the trends, and manage the assets.

Here is a list of six platforms that you may consider for your IoT strategy.


Over the last decade, Amazon Web Services has added the key building blocks of infrastructure including compute, storage, and databases. With IaaS hitting a plateau, AWS has shifted its focus on offering platform services that leverage the underlying building block services. In 2014, Amazon acquired 2lemetry, an IoT startup with a strong M2M focus, which emerged as AWS IoT service. AWS IoT platform takes advantage of existing cloud services to deliver advanced capabilities. From device management to visualization, AWS has everything that an enterprise needs. Services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon EMR, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Kinesis, and the recently launched Amazon QuickSight handle the data ingestion, storage, processing, and visualization. Existing customers of AWS can easily integrate IoT with their cloud solutions.

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