Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
With the workforce becoming more flexible, mobile-based ERP provides a wide variety of excellent opportunities, complex options, and flexibility.

Benefits of having ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has traditionally been slow-moving business management system software, with little to no change to its underlying technology once it is installed and operational for the enterprise.

Recent trends, however, show that ERP is undergoing a deluge of changes that will require all companies to update or be left behind within just a few years. In an era of instant access to information, today’s mobile workforce expects large-company software to have a mobile application.

Apps give executives and employees access to real-time information, as well as customer communications, and to meet this growing demand, enterprise resource planning is going mobile. Especially in light of much of the workforce becoming more flexible and mobile as a result of realizing what’s possible post-pandemic, mobile-based ERP provides a wide variety of excellent opportunities, complex options, and flexibility.

ERP mobile apps let workforces send push notifications, create an event, review and approve time, sales orders, and expenses from practically anywhere, including your local coffee shop or even your backyard. Many businesses may have already adopted mobile technologies, however, if they’re not used correctly and efficiently they could be wasting plenty of time and money.

These are 6 key benefits of having Enterprise Resource Planning in your pocket and on-the-go.

#1 | Flexibility

The days of having stacks of files stashed in cabinets and drawers, not to mention on top of desks were not too long ago. At the time, executives sacrificed half their time organizing information just to find exactly what they were looking for. Having a cloud environment puts this to an end and gives businesses a vital advantage by not having to sacrifice precious time and space.

Mobile-based ERP provides unrivaled convenience in data logging by making it easy for workers to enter all relevant data accurately without re-keying the data into back-end systems.

#2 | Quality data

Data is undeniably integral in today’s business world and mobile-based ERP offers a great advantage in terms of data that forms the basis of the ERP system. Mobile-based ERP can be designed to capture bad data and erase it from entering your ERP system, thus helping you to collect data more easily.

#3 | Greater productivity

Mobile-based ERP also allows companies to gain a competitive advantage by providing instant access into real-time business data, while at the same time having the capability to take necessary actions on your mobile device. Approval times that may take days can now be shortened with mobile-based ERP, which provides a huge advantage to senior executives who have full access to mobile devices.

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