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5 Ways IoT can Shape the Future of Home Automation Industry

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Internet of Things (IoT), combined with the power of Artificial Intelligence, is transforming the way our devices interact, and human intervention is diminishing
Home Automation Industry

Home Automation Industry

Home Automation Industry- The last time you missed to put an alarm for your early morning flight, did you wish that your phone was smart enough to pick up your schedule from your mail and set an alarm by itself to wake you up? What if your smart home devices had learned your daily schedules on their own and plan to wake you up by switching on the warm lights, making the room temperature warmer, switching on the geyser, making a cup of coffee and even playing your favorite music once you are up! Sounds like the perfect smart home, right? Well, this is not fiction anymore. Thanks to IoT, we are going to be living it in near future.

Smart home devices are becoming intelligent. Gone are the days when home automation used to mean only controlling devices over internet when you were away. Internet of Things, combined with the power of AI, is transforming the way our devices interact. The human intervention is diminishing and smart devices are taking autonomous decisions.

Utility products, Entertainment, Control and Security are undergoing transition to become smarter, greener. Faster and continuous internet connectivity, the ability to collect and analyze data along with applications of Machine Learning is playing a vital role in transforming the Internet of Things space.

Let’s have a look into how IoT is shaping the future of Home Automation industry:

Platform independent control

Utility products e.g, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Thermostats, Washing machines, coffee makers and even the water pumps and sprinklers – all devices that have switches, shall be controllable from mobile phones, voice commands, smart wearables and web platforms. Control and access will become ubiquitous. The platforms will be gradually standardized which will allow manufacturers to develop smart products that can communicate across brands.

Self-aware, self-diagnosing devices

All the smart products will become self-diagnosing. The devices will know exactly when they need attention for maintenance. The manufacturers will be informed before the failure of a product and the consumers will be notified by the manufacturer for an appointment to service. Going a step ahead, the refrigerators will know when your stock is getting over or the stock is wasting, so that grocery orders can be made to replenish the same.

Imagine you are on your way back to home and getting suitable route suggestions with supermarkets from where you can pick up the stock – the routes will be suggested according to which supermarket has the items available. This is how powerful the power of data can get!

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Article Credit: Data Quest

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