Thu. Jan 14th, 2021

It has become crucial to raise the bar on customer service as consumers resort to different channels to research more on a product, ask questions or raise complaints. As businesses fight it out to stay ahead of the competition, they have to prioritize customer care, loyalty, and satisfaction, and for this, CRM has to complement human efforts and provide better and faster solutions.

Here are 5 ways AI will complement your CRM software, to augment and optimize business operations.

1. Automate Routine Tasks: AI will help automate repetitive and mundane tasks that consume time. Activities like data input and retrieval, updating forecasts and determining call lists will be handled by AI. As CRM systems learn more about customers’ preferences and patterns they will be able to recommend and implement new processes and activities on behalf of the user. Sales reps will be able to readily tap into customer information and therefore spend more time on building relationships and closing deals.

2. Virtual Assistant: Integrating AI into CRM will help them serve as virtual assistants for employees, allowing them to be more productive. This virtual assistant can automate customer responses, emails, data capture activities and follow-ups.

These smart systems have access to client data like web behavior, demographics etc and by injecting an advanced degree of intelligence into them, they can learn and conduct sales conversations. These intelligent assistants may even generate quotes, send or respond to emails or book a common calendar time with the client.

Sales reps and service agents will become smarter and more productive as they will be able to analyze data instantly, have quick access to policies, inventory, service history, and customer account profile information to help them decide on the next best action to better meet a customer’s need.
3. Improved Segmentation, Lead Customization and Prioritizing hot leads: Intelligent algorithms will take over to segment audience by gender, location, purchase history, web behavior and other attributes. AI-assisted CRM will be able to learn from past decisions, actions taken and historical patterns available in the data to qualify leads. Using the insights gathered, CRM systems will be able to create personalized messages that will resonate best with the customer and will also be able to determine the right channel and time to deliver a more targeted campaign.

AI will help in lead scoring and prioritizing best leads for sales teams to pursue. Apart from prioritizing hot leads, AI will also be able to prescribe next actions and steps to help close deals.

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Article Credit: MTA


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