There’s only a few hours remaining of 2015 — and still so much left to do. You must get that party dress picked out and champagne chilled. And don’t forget to write out all your resolutions before midnight.

Or perhaps you’re more like us and prefer to ring in the new year with a glass of champagne and a good book — or five. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered (minus the bubbly). Here are a few of Salesforce’s most popular e-books of 2015, in case you missed them.

1.130 Sales Tips for 2015: This has been the gift that keeps on giving, a popular guide for sales reps learning tips and tricks from other successful sales reps. When you’re done reading, you can look forward to our 2016 100+sales tips book.

2. Your Complete CRM Handbook: This is always a stellar go-to book for any business looking to connect more meaningfully with its customers. If you’re still unsure what CRM stands for or how it might apply to your business, (digitally) thumb through this timeless source and become the business expert you’ve resolved to be in 2016.

3. State of Marketing 2015: Here’s a data-driven record of what the digital marketing landscape looked like in 2015. If you are the type to stay in on New Year’s to avoid the party, then we’ll just throw it out there: This is a darn good read for a party of 1. Plus, there’s always so much to learn from the past, right?

4. Get Ready for a New Kind of Customer Success: This book was an automatic hit — and for good reason. It was a real-time digest of Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff’s Dreamforce ’15 keynote, incorporating all the elements of a good narrative: drama (Thunder and Lightning), news (exciting product releases), and a happy ending (customer success).

5. Secrets to Business Growth: Let’s face it: Everyone finds secrets titillating — and everyone loves to grow their business. Put the two together and you have this page-turner that served as the source of truth for many entrepreneurs in 2015.

Those ought to keep you occupied early into the morning of 2016. When you’re done, come back to Salesforce’s blog for new tips, tricks, ideas, and insights that will position you for success in 2016.


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