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5 Questions You Should Ask During Your ERP Demo

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If you are strongly considering implementing an ERP, the first thing you need to do is sign up for an ERP demo. You will not want to select any product without first getting a sense for how it works, what it can do, and how the provider will serve your interests.

Just as important as signing up for the demo, however, is insisting on getting the kind of demo you really want and need. It is easy for a provider to show you the flashiest features and highlight the most exciting examples. But that does little to tell you if an ERP product and provider are really worth your investment.

One of the advantages of an ERP demo over other ways of connecting with a company is that you get to have a hands-on, face-to-face conversation with someone who really knows the nuts and bolts of a product. Use the opportunity to get clear answers to these five important questions:

Can You Meet My Specific Business Requirements?

The needs of your business overlap with others in your industry, but ultimately the specifics are completely unique to you. An ERP vendor will spend a lot of time telling you what a product is capable of doing. But you will want to get direct answers about whether it can meet your exact business requirements. You want a product that can simplify and facilitate things, not create more obstacles and obstructions.

Will this Streamline Important Tasks?

One of the primary purposes of ERP is to alleviate the ongoing burden of data management so that your team can spend more time on more important things. But not every ERP is equipped to streamline the kinds of tasks that your team wastes the most amount of time and energy on. Think about the kinds of workflows that lead to the worst mistakes and greatest frustrations. Then ask an ERP provider to explain exactly how their product can improve the process.

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