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5 Big Data And Analytics Learning Resources That Most People Miss (But Shouldn’t)

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It’s 2016, and pretty much everybody who’s interested in analytics (or politics or sports) has read a bit of FiveThirtyEight. Nate Silver and other bloggers write compelling posts that explain the thinking behind the predictions, so that’s a good educational resource for budding data analysts. Still, after months of build-up to the election and the World Series, you may be in the mood for some fresh subject matter.

A few months ago, I posted a list of my favorite analytics learning resources for business readers, primarily novices who want to understand what value analytics offers for commerce. Today, I have a few suggestions for those who have some hands-on data analysis experience, or business readers who are game to dig into a little more challenging reading.

Data Mining Research, the blog of Swiss analytics expert Sandro Saitta, takes on many topics, including careers, software and varied technical issues, but the real strong point is his book reviews. This guy never sleeps. How he keeps a day job and still reads and reviews so many analytics books, I’ll never know. This is the place to get a steady and consistent stream of thoughtfully-written analytics book reviews.

Fern Halper’s data makes the world go ’round: the big wide world of data and analytics Fern Halper, coauthor of Big Data for Dummies, offers lots of solid information on practical applications of advanced analytics. She covers real-life challenges like “Closing the loop in customer experience management: When it doesn’t work.”

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