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4 Ways to Integrate Cyber Security Automation Within Your Enterprise

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Cyber Security Automation

Cyber Security Automation- A look at top security automation solutions & how they improve operational efficiency and cyber security

Businesses of all sizes continually seek ways to increase efficiency and profitability in all areas of their organization — everything from general operations to cyber security. Regardless of how you feel about automation on a personal level — whether you think automation is great or it’s the harbinger of death for cyber security jobs — it doesn’t change the fact that automation is poised to change the very nature of cyber security jobs in the future. That’s because one of the best ways to accomplish many of the goals business have is to integrate process automation and cyber security automation into their operations.

Business automation comes in many forms, though, and can include a variety of process automation and security automation tools. So, what are these tools, how do they work, and how can they be integrated into your security processes?

Let’s hash it out.

The Benefits of Cyber Security Automation and Ongoing Growth of the Industry

When you hear the term “cyber security automation,” what comes to mind? This form of automation is all about leveling the playing field between cyber security experts and cybercriminals. The goal is to reduce the number of threats by eliminating vulnerabilities through the prevention of known cyber threats and identification of zero-day attacks.

Let’s drill down a bit more. Cyber security automation is also about:

  • Making data collection faster and more efficient;
  • Bringing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies and processes into the fold to increase organizations’ analytic capabilities; and
  • Eliminating tedious, time-consuming non-cognitive tasks to free up IT security experts so they can focus on higher-priority responsibilities and tasks.

All of these things are ideal for every organization. After all, making a business more efficient and reallocating human resources to where they’re most needed should be every company’s goal. But this level of improvement often requires the solutions and platforms.

Many industry reports indicate that cyber security spending is on the rise for enterprises and businesses around the world. Data from IDC shows that global spending on cyber security solutions is anticipated to top $103 billion this year alone. Moreover, the market for cyber security automation — which includes the use of AI and ML — is anticipated to grow for the foreseeable future. In fact, a Research and Markets report indicates that the AI cyber security market is projected to surpass $38 billion by 2026.

Investing in cyber security solutions and automation platforms is essential for all businesses — particularly as cybercriminals launch increasingly complex cyber attacks. But what kind of tools and solutions are available? Check ‘em out:

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