Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool. A Google Analytics power user might rely on it to establish goals, analyze campaign performance, drive e-commerce, and gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior.

I’ve seen far too many businesses set up Google Analytics… then stop. The tools gathers data. And every now and then people log in, look at the total number of visitors over a period of time, and log out. Unfortunately, the data is useful only if you act on it.

So to get you started, here are four ways to put Google Analytics data to work for your business’s website.

(Note: the following assumes you already have Google Analytics configured and gathering data for your site. If you haven’t done that yet, see “Five things you should know about Google Analytics” from TechRepublic and “Get started with Analytics” from Google.)

1. Focus on content people care about

Look at Pageviews (see Behavior > Overview) to understand the most viewed pages on your site. Limit your focus to the pages that get the majority—more than 50%—of your traffic. Use the Pageview % data to identify the most important pages. As you can see in Figure A, it takes just four pages before the “50% of pageviews” total is crossed (i.e., 36.74% + 6.59% + 4.69 + 3.32% = 51.34%). Extending further, just eight pages comprise 60% of Pageviews on the site.

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