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4 Ways ERP Apps Can Modernize Your Business

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A combination of human ingenuity and technology can move things forward to take customer service, internal processes, and overall business strategy to a new stratosphere. So we love hearing stories from customers who have used an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) app from AppExchange to completely transform the way their business operates.

As part of our App Talks series, Salesforce’s Kurt Smith spoke with two customers who have used Kenandy Cloud ERP to improve the way they run their businesses. What follows are stories from Merrow Sewing Company and Blue Clover Devices (BCD) showing how implementing an ERP system, in this case Kenandy Cloud ERP, has re-shaped their businesses in incredible ways.

1. Using an ERP app revolutionizes the customer experience

Both Eddie Chen, VP Finance of Blue Clover Devices ,and Charlie Merrow, CEO of Merrow Sewing Company, emphasized how implementing Kenandy Cloud ERP led to a better experience across the board for customers. Chen said that using Kenandy Cloud ERP to better define internal processes has helped BCD achieve a 100% on-time delivery rate in 2015, and thus far in 2016. “Our goal is to service more clients, better, without sacrificing quality,” Chen said. “With the help of our internal blue book “process bible” and Kenandy Cloud ERP, we’ve achieved that.”


For Merrow Sewing Company, Kenandy Cloud ERP provided an incredible level of insight that the company never before had. “We were able to watch our customers, from the moment they expressed an interest in the company, through to the point where they ordered things; we could then build all sorts of nurturing campaigns to make them better customers,” Merrow said. “Right away, we could take better care of good customers, and also understand those who were not as good customers, and that was really important.”

2. ERP can free up resources to do great things

Merrow Sewing Company is a 180-year old business which, before implementing Kenandy Cloud ERP, handled processes on index cards. Since implementation, Merrow has created new lines of business that drive the growth of the company. “A long time ago, I decided I wanted to make sewing machines sexy,” Merrow joked. “What that turned into was building value in stitching for Merrow, allowing customers to sew things and show value of what they’ve sewn to people purchasing them in stores. Our ability as a company to turn new businesses and existing businesses into businesses that better serve our customers is the single biggest thing that’s changed at Merrow.”

With the help of Kenandy Cloud ERP, Merrow Sewing Company has become somewhat of an incubator for startups, the need for which grew out of a crowded marketplace for sewing machines. “To grow Merrow at the rate we wanted to grow, we realized we needed to build a business plan that provided new value in these machines, and we needed to add businesses to our company that would allow us to grow into different spaces with totally different customer bases,” Merrow said.


ERP was a huge factor in the success of this diversification. “The magic of what we were able to do with Kenandy Cloud ERP is reduce the cost enormously to nearly nothing for us to take an idea, create organizational structure to develop that business, and then move it into the market,” Merrow said. “We’ve launched 14 new businesses over the last six years. We’ve created an entirely new Merrow that’s all over the world.”

3. ERP apps greatly improve the day-to-day life of employees

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