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4 Steps to Prepare for an IoT Deployment

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As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more popular, state and local government IT agencies need to play more of a leadership role in understanding the transformation of their departments and their networks.

Governments need to prepare properly to ensure they can handle the influx of smarter and more numerous devices, sensor networks and connected communications across their geographies. Embarking on any IoT-based journey requires governments and agencies to go through four key phases, which should be developed in the context of creating strategic partnerships between business lines and IT organizations.

1. Define Your Long-Term IoT Vision

Think carefully about where you expect IoT will be in the next three to five years. IoT can be daunting, because it is happening in so many different directions, seemingly simultaneously: connected traffic signals, smart electric grids, connected HVAC and lighting controls, sensors integrated into street lighting and pavements, and better access to municipal and public services. But that just means designers need to widen the overall approach and ensure all bases are covered.

2. Improve and Keep Up with Cybersecurity Accordingly

Security was the top impediment of any IoT rollout, according to a recent poll by 451 Research.

“Security will become more important as the sheer number of devices increases,” says David Sandel, the founder of smart cities consultancy iNeighborhoods. “Some IoT applications might also contain confidential, real-time patient information or will require a higher quality of service, such as deploying metropolitan wide area networks.”

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