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4 Important Things Out of the Box ERP Software Solutions are Missing

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ERP Software Solutions

ERP Software Solutions

ERP Software Solutions-With an automated Enterprise Relationship Planning (ERP) system, businesses can streamline their data between numerous departments through various modules and 3rd party applications in real-time to establish actionable processes which help to improve current and future business outcomes based on empirical, tangible evidence. With that said, not all ERP software solutions are built the same. They all have their strengths and weaknesses including what functionality they offer, the type of support provided, available integrations at-the-ready and much more.

Like with the numerous models of cars and brands available, ERP systems come in all shapes and sizes from “out of the box basic” to “The Rolls-Royce of technology”. Every product has its pros and cons depending on the industry and what they need the most help with. For the purposes of this article, let’s focus on what’s missing from these out of the box ERP software solutions.

What are Out of the Box ERP Software Solutions?

Out of the box ERP software solutions are basic. Sure, they’ll come with automated workflows to cover finance and accounting, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, CRM and a few human resources processes, but the caveat is that while processes are improved by automating workflows that impact numerous departments across the company, the technology is simply restrictive, or is lacking the tools to really make it effective.

For example, if your HR department is relying on a basic ERP system to address processes within HR Management and Talent Management, they will have a hard time running them because most basic ERP solutions don’t include many of the following processes dedicated within HR:

HR Management Talent Management
Core HR – Employee Self-Service, Workflow Management, Reporting, Electronic Signature, Employee Record Management and Surveys Recruiting and Applicant Tracking
Benefits Management Onboarding
ACA Compliance Performance Management
Time and Attendance Learning Management
Payroll Processing Succession Planning

As the HR department is only one example, many departments within your business will experience the same struggles. If you want focused modules within specific departments of your business to help meet business objectives and goals, then you will need to look into purchasing a whole new system entirely, or look into partnering with third-party providers to integrate cloud-based modules into your current system, designed to scale with you as your requirements change over time.

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