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IFS & Maintenix: Flexible And Seamless

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The purchase of Mxi Technologies by IFS is still revealing some very interesting possibilities. IFS Aerospace and Defense Director Graham Grose notes that Mxi’s Maintenix has been a best-of-breed aviation maintenance management system, installed for nearly 20 years alongside the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. So a mature gateway has been built to connect Maintenix to ERPs used by Maintenix clients. These ERPs include SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics, and gateways connect them to Maintenix in four areas: user management, finance, human resources and procurement.

With IFS’s acquisition of Maintenix, Grose says it will be relatively straightforward to integrate Maintenix with IFS Applications using the same gateway architecture. Customers can now get either Maintenix integrated with their ERP, or Maintenix integrated with IFS Applications. In the latter case, the entire lifecycle of installation, upgrades and support will come from one supplier. Moreover, IFS will continue to invest in both Maintenix and IFS Applications and further integrations between them.

Maintenix now offers an Operator Edition and MRO Edition and deepens the functionality of IFS’s maintenance modules, especially in line maintenance. Many leading aerospace firms will thus want to continue use of Maintenix. Even if these firms do not wish to replace their existing ERPs, IFS can offer veteran Maintenix users some useful point solutions from IFS Applications. For example, for maintenance providers point solutions might include current IFS capabilities in tail planning optimization, operational intelligence, supply-chain management, demand planning and document management.

Importantly, these point solutions can be installed without the large, complex framework required by the entire IFS Applications suite. They can be integrated with either IFS Applications or other companies’ software. Depending on the particular point solution, integration with Maintenix will be straightforward or more complex. But IFS is investing in making integration of select point solutions as seamless as possible with other IFS products. “It is not the intent of IFS to leave integration of its point solutions, to either IFS Applications or to Maintenix, as a customer problem or systems-integration opportunity,” Grose stresses.

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