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3 Things You Must Know about Instagram Shopping

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Today consumers are looking for a seamlessonline buying experience more than ever. Fortunately, shopping through social networking sites such as Instagram’s shoppable posts have made it possible. It would be a future step to shop from a retailer’s website or smartphone app. It is true that social media is a valuable tool to create brand awareness and engagement. Then, how do you convert likes and shares to quantifiable sales? Instagram has made this possible through shoppable posts, guiding buyers from the post to the purchasing process in two simple taps.

According to an article published on, Instagram’s new shopping feature is a push to motivate buyers to buy more stuff online. The social media app has come up with an account to display beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands. Then, you must know three things about Instagram shopping for enhanced sales opportunities in the days to come. Here are they:

  1. Improving mobile website speed

When potential buyers land on your website through shoppable posts, ensure that you work on your mobile site’s page load speed. It is imperative to improve sales because low page load would make customers impatient and they might leave your website for another site. Improving mobile site speed would boost conversion rates. Modern shoppers expect that a mobile site will load within one or two seconds. If your site speed is poor, conversion rates may drop up to 20 percent for each extra second.

There are a couple of smart ways to improve site speed. Optimize heavy image-based pages, structuring the HTML to make content visible above the fold and minimizing the response time of servers to below 200ms. Additionally, you can купитьлайкиинстаграм and increase sales.

  1. Avoid bothering shoppers

Did you know that Instagram lets retailers tag five products in posts with one image? Again, as a retailer, you can tag up to 20 items for posts with numerous images. When you are selling products online, it may seem tempting to add as much as items as you like with every post, but it may have a negative impact on your sales. That is because too many tags will make your posts look clumsy and messy.

Cluttered posts will make shoppers look for your competitor’s Instagram feed and shop from their website. Therefore, add limited product tags in every post and publish them frequently throughout the week for improving customer engagement.

  1. Improve the checkout process

Instagram takes shoppers directly to the retailer’s product page. Great! Then, you must ensure that the checkout process is optimized to avoid cart abandonment. It is one of the greatest challenges of online shopping, contributing to approximately 74 percent of internet retail sales.

You must implement some of the best practices like speed, transaction security, and the overall simplicity of the shopping process. You can also focus on mobile checkout design for additional design considerations.

Choose a vertically-loaded checkout page that fits comfortably on the smartphone screen and lets shoppers shop with convenience. Designsimple checkout forms, as well as, buttons and text fields large.


Now that you have these ideas in front of you, improve the shopping experience of buyers through Instagram.

Author Bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.


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