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3 reasons to start with a Big Data Hadoop certification course

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Are you looking to invest in best big data certification course, but not sure how to go about it? Well, here’s what you need to know. Investment in big data professionals is increasing. So, if you’re planning to re-skill and take up a profession in big data then here’s good news for you. A market research firm Transparency, says that the global market (Hadoop) is expected to grow at an average of 29% year-over-year for the next five years in a row reaching to $38 billion by the year 2023.

Most businesses are investing in big data professionals, Hadoop an open source software is used for storing, processing and analyzing big data applications being the fastest growing skill-set today.

The demand for global data analytics market is said to increase and boost revenues north of $200 billion by 2020. It is said that 150 trillion gigabytes of data which is more than 150 zettabytes will require analysis by 2025 giving more opportunities to professionals aiming to start their career in big data.

Is big data certification Hadoop courses worth pursuing?

Big data certifications provided credibility to the knowledge and skill against the industry and there is a certain benchmark you need to showcase the skills you have to potential employers. Certifications have always been proven reliable in terms of setting the candidate on par with the industry’s demand.

Technologies keep changing replacing the old ones which are why getting certified is one way to stay relevant with the current demand in the IT industry. Certifications are the way to fast track your career shift into a promising field.

Here are three reasons why a big data professional should consider big data certification. 

Big data professionals are high in demand. Getting skilled in the right technology can be challenging but finding the right talent is much harder. Knowing that these professionals are hunted by many enterprises and organizations, the supply gap is yet to be filled. Organizations need skilled professionals to meet their customer’s demand.

Reason #1

Career prospect looks demanding – IDC predicts an annual growth rate of around 23.1% within the period of 2014-2019 and the annual spend is said to reach $48.6 billion this 2019. The demand for big data engineers is said to rise by 40% by the year 2020. But due to the lack of talent in this space, major companies are facing huge difficulty in hiring the right candidate for their company.

Reason #2

Big data – big bucks – Big data has not only managed to lure candidates to get skilled in the latest technology but also attract them with great salary packages. Big data is a fast growing field and offers exciting opportunities for professionals in all industries. This technology is here to stay and will still remain relevant in the next coming years. A big data engineer can make an annual salary package in the range of $135,000-$196,000. Companies are also willing to pay a salary hike of 250% for the right talent, one who can take the initiative of handling data and someone who can bring the organization to the next level.

Reason #3

Technology applicable across various industries – Almost every sector is now looking to leverage big data analytics. The stakeholders certainly agree to the fact that big data continues to be the game changer in industries such as banking, retail, healthcare, IT, insurance, government, media and entertainment, aviation, and transportation etc.

Big data Hadoop certified professionals are huge in demand and due to this most companies are looking for candidates with industry-recognized big data certification. Why wait? You can now take your career to the next level by re-skilling in the latest technology.

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