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2019 Top 20 Supply Chain Software Suppliers

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The technology that drives today’s supply chains is getting stronger, better and faster thanks to an innovative group of suppliers pushing the envelope.

Top Supply Chain Software

Top Supply Chain Software

Top Supply Chain Software-Whether they’re getting shipment alerts, managing warehousing inventory, doing demand forecasting, or using analytics to make good decisions, you can bet the warehouse and logistics personnel managing these tasks are using software to get the job done.

Be it a transportation management system (TMS) for connecting to carriers, a warehouse management system (WMS) for orchestrating inventory within the four walls, or a broader enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that incorporates many functions, the technology that drives the supply chain is getting stronger, better and faster every year.

As supply chain becomes a bigger priority for companies of all sizes, the need for software that supports and streamlines this important business component has also grown. With e-tailers like Amazon pushing the envelope on same- and next-day shipping, e-commerce sales skyrocketing—consumers spent $504.6 billion online last year, a number that’s expected to hit $735 billion by 2023—and many companies still using old or manual-based systems to manage warehousing, fulfillment and distribution, the supply chain management (SCM) sector continues to climb steadily every year.

Made up of supply chain planning (SCP) and supply chain execution (SCE) software, SCM is still led by the world’s largest software developers, although a few smaller, scrappier players are beginning to chip away at those larger players’ market share. According to an annual report from Gartner on the worldwide revenue of the supply chain software market, in 2017 and 2018, the top four suppliers maintained their positions and order, with SAP, Oracle, JDA and Infor claiming those spots on Gartner’s list.

Descartes Systems Group moved up a notch to fifth, with Coupa on its heels in sixth (up from seventh last year). This year’s fastest-climber was Jaggaer, which enters the Top 20 chart at No. 7, followed by Manhattan Associates (which dropped three spots from 2017), WiseTech Global (up one notch), and Epicor, which descended by two places over 2017.

In pursuit of growth

Balaji Abbabatulla, Gartner UK’s senior director of product management research for SCM software, says Jaggaer’s leapfrogging can be traced to the spend management solution provider’s 2017 acquisition of BravoSolution, a maker of global strategic procurement platforms and No. 18 on last year’s list. The combined company now has 1,850 customers connected to a network of 4 million suppliers in 70 countries, according to Jaggaer.

According to the Top 20, the SCM growth leaders are E2open (with 54% growth from 2017 to 2018), WiseTech Global (53%), IFS (42%), Coupa (41%) and Apttus (40%). Rounding out the growth leaders list were Tradeshift (28%), GEP (27%), Sovos (26%), Ivalua (25%) and Jaggaer (24%).

“When Jaggaer bought BravoSolution it grew in terms of revenue and got into the top 10 SCM ranking,” says Abbabatulla. “Outside of that, there weren’t any real significant shifts between 2017 and 2018.” He’s keeping an eye on Coupa, a business spend management (BSM) provider that’s on a spending spree of its own, having just acquired contract lifecycle management provider Exari In May. “Coupa continues to grow faster than most other vendors in the top 10 right now,” says Abbabatulla, “and probably has the highest growth rate of the group.”

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